Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was driving today, and when I turned on the radio I finally heard NFL football on the radio! I was going to post this yesterday, about Randy Moss possibly going to the New York Jets, but since then he's "announced" his retirement. Sounds like a Brett Farve move to me.
But even if the Jets got Moss, think Moss will do well? We all know the emotional person Moss can be, think he'll be willing to perform for the team that is the biggest rival of his former team, which he is still loyal to?
Anyways, Banner will come soon, but for now, FOOTBALL!


  1. Screw Football, I watch Soccer. I'm a cool kid like that.

  2. Hes a great player but too much baggage.

  3. YEAH FOOTBALL!! It might take a while for moss to adapt to the Jets considering how team work is needed to succeed in football.

  4. Yeah I'm glad all the crap with the lockout is over with. As for Moss he has proven himself and has done well wherever he's at so I don't think its going to be a problem.