Sunday, November 4, 2012

Football this week

As sad as it sounds, the best thing about football this week is that my team CAN NOT lose. That's right, this week, my New York Jets WILL NOT lose. They have a bye week.

So, no sorrowful posts about how depressed I am this week. This week the Jets will go in to their room and "find their identity". I hope something gets fired up, and they put on a good show next week. Let's go Rex Ryan!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So for those who were wondering, I survived Hurricane Sandy! In fact, my electricity didn't even go off. Strange how life works, but after surviving said Hurricane, I'm inspired to Blog again. I realize that I'm over productive at work, and have time for this hobby of mine again.

I'm looking over my banner, and realize that I haven't changed much in the past half a year or so, same interests and what not. I kind of quit Guild Wars 2, and more of a LoL player now. With work, I'm not sure if I'll ever fully immerse myself in a MMO again. My job works on overtime, so I'm always trying to sit at my desk and just derp haha.